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Filterrific is a Rails Engine plugin that makes it easy to filter, search, and sort your ActiveRecord lists.

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It comes with the following features:

  • Let your app's users search, filter and sort lists of ActiveRecord objects.
  • Persist filter settings in the HTTP session or DB (for saved searches).
  • Integrates with pagination.
  • Filters can be reset to default settings.
  • Relies on ActiveRecord scopes for building DB queries.
  • Shuttles filter settings from a filter UI to the controller and ActiveRecord.
  • Can be used for HTML/JS/JSON/XML response formats.

You only have to define the required ActiveRecord scopes and style your filter form and record lists.

I couldn't live without Filterrific. It makes it super easy to add user configurable reporting to my client projects.

Jeff Ward, Animikii

How to use it

Let's say you want a list of students that can be filtered by your app's users.

  1. Add the gem to your app

    # Gemfile
    gem 'filterrific'
  2. Add Filterrific to your Student model:

      default_filter_params: { sorted_by: 'created_at_desc' },
      available_filters: [
    # define ActiveRecord scopes for
    # :search_query, :sorted_by, :with_country_id, and :with_created_at_gte
  3. Use Filterrific in StudentsController#index:

    def index
      @filterrific = initialize_filterrific(
      ) or return
      @students =[:page])
      respond_to do |format|
  4. And finally build your view files as explained in the View API:

Filterrific in action

Example 1: A simple student list that can be filtered.

Learn about the example application →


  • Rails and ActiveRecord 3.x and 4
  • jQuery and Asset pipeline for form observers and spinner


MIT licensed


Copyright (c) 2010 - 2015 Jo Hund.